MEDIT Seminar: "Following Files“ in Digital Music Distribution

Speaker: Patrick Vonderau (Stockholm University)
Time: May 4 (Thursday) at 13:00-14:30


In this presentation, I will first briefly introduce an interdisciplinary research project that studies streaming media and Spotify in particular. In the second, and longer part, I will present preliminary findings related to an experimental study of ad tech, or programmatic advertising. These findings will be framed by a larger argument about the financialization of digital media, highlighting the degree to which the digital dissemination of cultural content has come to be subjugated to the logics of financial markets.

About the speaker

Patrick Vonderau is Professor in Cinema Studies at the Department for Media Studies at Stockholm University. His most recent book publications include the co-authored Spotify Teardown (MIT Press, forthcoming 2017), Films that Sell: Moving Images and Advertising (2016, with N. de Klerk and B. Florin), Behind the Screen: Inside European Production Cultures (2013, with P. Szczepanik), Moving Data: The iPhone and the Future of Media (2013, with P. Snickars), and The YouTube Reader (2009, with P. Snickars). He is a co-editor of Montage AV and a co-founder of NECS – European Network for Cinema and Media Studies.

About MEDIT seminars

MEDIT seminars are invited speaker events organised by the Centre of Excellence in Media Innovation and Digital Culture (MEDIT). They will feature scholars from the Baltic Sea region and beyond who study media and digital technologies. Each seminar consists of a 50-minute lecture, followed by a discussion. All are welcome to attend!

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