Dr. Pia Tikka joins MEDIT as a Research Professor

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Pia Tikka, renowned filmmaker and scholar working at the intersection of film and neuroscience, has joined the MEDIT team as a Research Professor.
Dr. Tikka has secured a Top Researcher grant from the Estonian Research Council and will be working on a project titled Enactive co-presence in narrative virtual reality - a triadic interaction model. Prior to her arrival in Estonia, she was the Principal Investigator for the NeuroCine project at Aalto University, Finland. She is also an acclaimed filmmaker, directing two feature films and completing a number of interactive media projects exhibited internationally. See Dr. Tikka's personal page for more information about her work and accomplishments.

We are happy and honoured to have Dr. Tikka on board and are looking forward to working with and alongside her.

To kick off her first year with MEDIT, Dr. Tikka will be giving a seminar on September 7 (Thursday), where she will discuss a neurocinematic approach to understanding the role of societal and cultural context in non-verbal face-to-face communication. This will be done by examining the simulation of sociocultural patterns of facial behavior in humanlinke screen character creation. The seminar is open for everyone to attend. For more information, click here.

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