MEDIT Seminar: Whose song are you singing? Innovation coordination by Eesti Laul

Speakers: Indrek Ibrus, Ulrike Rohn, Alessandro Nanì (Tallinn University)
Time: April 5, 15:30-17:00
Place: M-213


This talk addresses the ‘wicked’ problems met by contemporary public service media (PSM) institutions: to address the fragmentation of audiences across platforms; to have a positive impact on civil society and societal coherence; to facilitate cultural diversity; and to work with private creative industries and facilitate their growth. These objectives can be reduced to a conflict in producing both public and private value. In this talk, we build on the combination of innovation systems theory and public value theory to investigate the interrelationships between the production of these different forms of value. Our case study is Estonia’s national pre-selection competition for the Eurovision Song Contest, which is innovative in terms of its cross-media framing and its approach to working with private partners to facilitate the development of the Estonian popular music system.

About the speakers

Indrek Ibrus is Professor of Media Innovation in the Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School (BFM) and Head of MEDIT. Ulrike Rohn is Visiting Professor and Senior Research Fellow at MEDIT. Alessandro Nanì is a Lecturer in Transmedia in BFM.

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