MEDIT Seminar: At the Intersection of Art and Science – Challenges of Doctoral Dissertation in Audiovisual Arts

Speaker:  Kirsi Rinne (Aalto University)
Time: April 12, 15:30-17:00
Place: M-328


I will discuss the results of my dissertation in which I asked how doctoral students in audiovisual and performing arts experience the doctoral process. The aim was to highlight both the sub­jective perceptions and the context and circumstances of the doctoral path. Additionally, I wished to provide a better understanding of what an art­ist-researcher is, to discuss the distinctive features of doctoral degrees at art universities, to demonstrate the various activities in which doctoral students engage along their doctoral journey, and to consider the different support structures for art dissertations that combine theoretical standpoints with the creation of artworks.

The investigation was qualitative and consisted of semi-structured in­terviews. Documents and literature on the development of research activities in art universities were examined. The interviews were analysed thematically and grouped into four themes: motivation for doctoral studies, activities with the research object, discursive and material mediating activities, and new artis­tic agency.

About the speaker

Kirsi Rinne works as a research coordinator at Aalto University, Department of Film, Television and Scenography. Kirsi’s tasks include planning of doctoral studies for
film and performance design, development and coordination of research projects and international research collaborations. She has been a member of the executive committee of the international Screenwriting Research Network and a coordinator of Nordicil, the Nordic network of film schools. Kirsi gained her PhD in 2016 from Aalto University. The title of the dissertation is “Investigating Doctoral Studies In Two Finnish Art Universities” and it is published by Aalto ARTS Books.

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