MEDIT Seminar: Publics, Participants and Policies: Examining Community Broadcasting in Austria and the Czech Republic

Speaker: Henry Loeser (Tallinn University)
Time: October 5th (Thursday) at 15:00
Place: N-416


While the values of community broadcasting can be found in a rich mix of scholarly theories, advocacy interventions, organizational charters, and regulatory guidelines, research about the importance of these values to participants is quite limited. This research deployed online surveys to volunteer participants in separate case studies of community broadcasting in Austria (n=340) and the Czech Republic (n=85), first to measure the importance of community broadcasting values, and second to evaluate the alignment of community broadcasting policy to the views of those participants.

This project revealed that many of the widely-recognized values commonly attributed to
community broadcasting are also highly-important (with notable exceptions) to the survey respondents in Austria and the Czech Republic. In addition, the selected policy documents from Austria and the Czech Republic show generally positive alignment with the views of the respective nation’s survey respondents. The findings and conclusions add to the understanding of community broadcasting, and are applicable to the practice, advocacy, and regulation in the sector.

About the Speaker

Dr. Henry Loeser is a research fellow in MEDIT and teaching member of the Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School faculty. He founded the Media Innovation Center at Masaryk University and is an independent media advocate, serving on the board of directors of the Community Media Forum Europe. He is also founder and director of Radioexpert, an NGO that is active in Community Media projects worldwide. For more information, see Dr. Loeser's profile.

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