MEDIT Seminar: Playing on the Go: The Gamification of Tourism in Estonia

Speaker: Christian Ritter (BFM)
Time: February 14, 15:45
Place: M-136

Christian Ritter's talk Playing on the Go: The Gamification of Tourism in Estonia will present his current research project and discuss some preliminary outcomes of its pilot study. The research examines how locative media reshape the tourism industry in Estonia. Based on a mixed-method approach, the investigation combines ethnographic fieldwork in tourist places and walkthroughs of smartphone apps with the systematic retrieval of social media data. Smartphone apps enable tourists to elicit information on the go. The screen of mobile devices became a new frame of orientation for tourists, transforming their experience of tourist attractions. The presentation will describe first impressions from the ethnographic fieldwork in Tallinn and reflect on the implementation of game elements in tourist sites.

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