MEDIT Seminar: Emergence of Cross-Innovation Systems: The research results of the Cross Motion project

Speaker: Indrek Ibrus (BFM)
Time: February 7, 15:30
Place: M-136 

Indrek Ibrus will discuss the results of the Cross Motion project dedicated to facilitate co-innovation processes between audivisual media industries and three other sectors - health care, tourism and education. The research work that was also part of the Cross Motion took two years to accomplish and consisted of 144 interviews with industry experts from seven countries as well as of secondary documentary research. In conceptual terms the study combined economic studies of innovation systems with studies of mediatisation, media convergence, trans- and cross-media and with other approaches within media and culture studies. It elaborated on a new concept, cross-innovation, referring to co-innovation and convergence processes taking place between different sectors of digital service economies. The proposition is that digitisation and mediatisation processes are conditioning new inter-sector dialogues and the emergence of new cross-innovation systems at the borderlines of formerly distinct industries.  The findings tell of complex stories of successful facilitation of cross-innovation as well as failures to do so.  The study could have direct implications for cooperation between audiovisual industries and other sectors also in Estonia.

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