New leadership for MEDIT

Indrek Ibrus, professor of media innovation, has stepped down from the role of MEDIT head. MEDIT council elected Ulrike Rohn, professor of media management and economics and Katrin Tiidenberg, professor of participatory culture to become the new leaders of MEDIT. 
Indrek Ibrus expressed that he is very glad that professors Rohn and Tiidenberg accepted his proposal to take MEDIT further. "MEDIT has advanced significantly in the last 5 years. We have raised many large grants, which has enabled us to consolidate our research work, grow our team and take onboard new colleagues. We are increasingly an internationally well networked collective and an established brand, a ‘rhizomatic team’ that contributes original and high quality work. Very important development was also the launch of the new doctoral programme 2,5 years ago - not only have junior colleagues strengthened our research teams, but also the thematic variety of our research work has diversified. I expect that many of our current students will end up as members of our permanent faculty in the future."

He added that he stepped down in order to focus more on his own research and teaching. "I believe also that in every five years leaders exhaust themselves and new leaders can bring onboard new energy, new ideas and different ways of doing things. I think MEDIT is ripe for change, especially as the context within TLU has changed and is changing dynamically. I am sure Ulrike and Katrin will re-energise MEDIT in most appropriate ways."

Check out the research profiles of professor Rohn and Tiidenberg.

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