MEDIT Seminar: Political Imagination/ Narratives/ Topoi

Speaker:  Dirk Hoyer (BFM)
Time: March 21, 15:45
Place: M-136
In the presentation entitled Political Imagination/ Narratives/ Topoi Dirk Hoyer will reflect on the interconnection between artistic work and research and on the role of political imagination.

About the speaker

Dirk Hoyer is an associate professor at BFM in Tallinn University. He has conducted artistic research projects in the field of film. In his writings and films, Hoyer focuses on the role and type of imagination and narratives in relation to the development of a new understanding of the political (as defined by Chantal Mouffe). Hoyer is currently working on his book Retopia - Creating New Spaces of Possibility (commissioned by Routledge).

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