MEDIT Seminar: Managing Tensions in Media Content Development - Case Study of the Finnish Mediapolis Cluster as a Hybrid Organisation

Speaker: Sari Virta (Tampere University/Jönköping International Business School) 
Time: March 22nd (Thursday) at 15:30
Place: M-213


This research seminar presents Sari Virta's dissertation project on managerial tensions of content development in the context of creative media organisations and their collaboration. The focus of this seminar will be especially on a case study exploring a new Media Cluster called Mediapolis in Tampere, Finland (
). Sari has been following the development of Mediapolis from its early steps, i.e. several years, and has especially explored the complications and tensions in relation to collaborative value creation between the participating organisations. The latest phase of the study has utilised recent scholarly approaches of hybrid organisations and hybrid organising, and this is what this research seminar will also elaborate on in relation to the empirical case study on Mediapolis.

About the speaker

Sari Virta (MSc) is an advanced PhD candidate completing a double degree in media management, combining communication studies and business administration, respectively, at the University of Tampere (UTA), Faculty of Communication Sciences, Finland, and Jönköping International Business School (JIBS), Media, Management and Transformation Center (MMTC), Sweden. Her research interests include creative content development and ambidextrous innovation management in media companies and their collaborative value networks and hybrid organizations in the context of media clusters. Sari is currently a visiting fellow in MEDIT.

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