MEDIT Seminar: How can journalism facilitate thoughtful dialogue in the time of populism?

Speaker: Taneli Heikka
Time: April 11, 15:45
Place: M-213

The problems faced by societies are increasingly complex, while populistic movements provide simple solutions. Taneli Heikka explores cases where journalism pursued a role of facilitator of dialogue, providing safe spaces for social innovation. Heikka uses the concept of dialogue to understand, how journalists can temporarily abandon their role as ”objective” outsiders and help audiences communicate and co-operate in a thoughtful way.

About the Speaker

Taneli Heikka defended his PhD thesis titled 'Dialogic Journalism: How Can Journalists Participate in the Networks of Social Innovation' at the University of Jyväskylä in 2017. Heikka is an entrepreneur who likes to build multi-stakeholder innovation processes that engage journalists. He is a former head of Political News at Alma Media.

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